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Couples fight all the time, even Cardi B and Offset just split. The problem is when the issue escalates into full-on physical war. It’s better for everyone to leave for your separate ways that turn each other into war opponents and use stones as missiles. That was, however, the problem on Lekki streets about 10 hours ago. An unnamed and unknown couple picked up some mighty big stones and pelted each other at will. The husband was so prolific with the intensity of his throws, one would advise him to consider a career as a shotput thrower at the Olympics. On the video posted on Instablog9ja yesterday, December 4, 2018, the wife can be seen barefooted. Reports claim the husband tried to send her parking from their home, but she refused to leave, so the fight ensued and then it spilt over into a full-on stone throwing contest on Lekki streets. Sometimes, it’s best to split than kill each other. In the meantime, you can watch the video here;

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